The Broken Cash Machine

1. Get a job within a state-owned company that sell good or services to individuals. Access a position where you can control the cash machine. If you are a part of the trade union it's even better.

2. Use the help of your colleagues to ensure that the customers are paying mostly in cash, pretending the cash machine is broken is a good way. When they pay in cash, never print a receipt to not spoil your recipe. At the end of the day, you will have a lot of banknotes in your pocket for your personnal use.

If the appetizer has not been enough, you can follow the next step to transform this recipe in a complete dish.

3. Help yourself in the storage room of the company. You can delight your friends with the item you took (don't sell the products to strangers on Internet, it's a bad idea).

4. Enjoy! And don't forget to share with your colleagues. It's the guarantee of less risks and more cash.

In real life

In 2005, auditors found that the employees of SNCM, a French ferry company, were sharing for personal use an important part of on-board sales (tobacco, alcohol, food, derivatives ...) performed during the crossing between the mainland and Corsica. The board of SNCM confessed that it was a part of their "social policy".

What to look for

In many countries, the income statement of a state-owned company is a public documents by law. If the company you're investigating has zero sales of goods when the competitors have billions, you know that something is wrong.