The Overpaid Staff Member

1. Get elected as a Member of the European Parliament. There are 751 seats up for grabs every 5 years. For this recipe, it makes no difference which political party you are affiliated with.

2. Hire a staff member or service provider in your local constituency. Each MEP is provided €23,392 per month of public money to spend on staffing arrangements.

3. Fiddle invoices and produce dodgy documents while enjoying a nice class of Chateau neuf du taxpayer. With the right amount of skill and subtlety fiddling the staff allowances is possible. But getting caught has its downsides.

In real life

Peter Skinner, ex-MEP, was recently sentenced to 4 years in jail for fraudulently using approximately £100,000 of his staff allowance to pay for lavish vacations, jewellery, and even thousands of euros in alimony payments to his ex-wife. He was able to do this by submitting documents and inflated invoices on local assistant and service provider costs. The excess funds